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CBD is being used to effectively treat a multitude of conditiond, both physical and psychological, in adults and in children.

Should You Give Your Kids CBD Oil? – Harcourt Health

CBD oil is a completely natural product with few side effects, even in larger doses. The World Health Organization considers it “generally safe.” Aside from its use in treating epilepsy, there are several studies of its effects in children.

That said, a study in Israel shows promising results in children with autism. The children in the study were given CBD oil and showed improvement in behavior and communication. They also showed reduced levels of anxiety.

Anecdotal evidence states that parents of children with ADHD have found that CBD oil is effective at helping to reduce hyperactivity.

What that means is that it won’t leave you feeling stoned and it’s not addictive. The compound responsible for the buzz is THC. A high-quality hemp-derived CBD oil will contain no more than trace elements of THC. Certainly, nowhere near enough to make you high.

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