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Cannabis is used by many to treat and cope with a multitude of conditions, however, does it present any issues with respect to the challenges of parenting?

How to Mix Marijuana with Parenting [Finding the Balance]

Parenting can be challenging when you’re consuming cannabis for any number of reasons, including symptoms of chronic pain, depression, anxiety or even just recreationally. And let’s face it, even though cannabis has been thrust into the national spotlight, there is still a lot of stigma surrounding its use.

As a parent, you want to be responsible. You may feel that consuming cannabis and being a caring and kind parent are mutually exclusive concepts. They don’t have to be. You can be a conscious cannabis consumer and still effectively parent.

We all understand that some substances can be abused. It is also true that some substances can be dangerous and over time can lead to undesirable consequences. However, there are also substances that can benefit our lives in meaningful ways. Although research is new and emerging, there is some evidence that cannabis can have positive impacts.

To get a handle on this issue, it’s important for you to be clear on what cannabis is and what it does. It is a plant-based substance with reported medicinal properties along with some psychoactive effects. It is derived from the plant family Cannabaceae. Its potency spans the spectrum and is often divided into strains. Many of these strains are specially bred to amplify or enhance certain effects.

In all, parenting and cannabis consumption doesn’t have to be separate ends of the spectrum. The two can be part and parcel of your life. Finding a healthy medium is important.

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