Cibdol is South Africa's gold standard for organic, pure CBD products. We are a Swiss manufacturer of 100% natural CBD Oils, creams and supplements, sold worldwide. We provide premium grade pure golden CBD via CO2 extraction and a proprietary filtration process in our Swiss laboratories.

Our CBD Oil is available in 2.5%, 4% and 10% CBD blended with an olive oil carrier, 3% CBD blended with black cumin oil and also 5% and 20% CBD blended with hemp seed oil. Our liposomal CBD is available in 2.5% and 4% CBD strengths. In addition, we also manufacture a range of topical creams and CBD-enriched supplements.

Cibdol harnesses the natural power of full-spectrum CBD, which includes beneficial terpenes and flavonoids while filtering out any impurities to create golden oils of the utmost purity and efficacy. Our products do not contain pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, chemical fertilisers or any other additives.

For more detailed information, view our articles: CBD Oil: The Ultimate Guide and CBD Oil Benefits.
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